Welcome to SNST Bridge, a crucial link facilitating interoperability, accessibility and security within the decentralized financial landscape.

Within the SNST ecosystem, users confidently explore vast opportunities across various blockchain networks: Avalanche, BNB Chain, Optimism and Polygon. This exploration is empowered by the seamless and trustless functionality of the SNST Cross-Chain Bridge.

Let's walk through each step in detail:

1. Select Source and Target Tokens

Choose the tokens you want to send through the SNST Bridge and Click "CONNECT"

2. Connect your Wallet

Use MetaMask or WalletConnect to connect. This will switch your wallet's current network to the Source Token network.

3. Confirm Network Switch

Ensure the network is switched to the Source chain address after clicking "SWITCH NETWORK", displaying the token balance for the entire chain. Enter the amount you wish to transfer.

4. Confirmation and Transfer

Confirm your intention to transfer the tokens from the selected Source to Target chains by clicking "NEXT". The received tokens will be Wrapped Tokens and will need to be exchanged for native assets.

5. Initiate Communication between Blockchains

Switch the network from the Source token blockchain to the Target token Blockchain by clicking "SWITCH NETWORK". Check the amount of Token Bridged, the destination address, current balance, gas fees and estimated transaction fees before proceeding to click "NEXT".

6. Burning Source Tokens

Return to the Source Token Address by clicking "SWITCH NETWORK", approve the Token Amount Burning to allow the specified amount to be spent from your current balance by clicking "TRANSFER".

7. Transfer Approval

Click "CONFIRM" to approve the spending cap. After reviewing the displayed transfer gas fee and the total amount to be minted at the target blockchain, click "CONFIRM" one more time.

8. Redeem Tokens

Connect your wallet to the Target Blockchain Address to mint the tokens by clicking "SWITCH NETWORK". Click "REDEEM" after a successful network switch and after successful verification of transfer details, click "CONFIRM".

Moreover, if you encounter any issues during the transfer process (e.g., accidentally closing the browser), you can resume the transfer in the 'Redeem' section located next to the Home Tab.

Select the Source Token, switch to this network through MetaMask or Walletconnect (whichever was earlier selected), copy the Transaction Hash from the Blockchain scan explorer and paste it into the Source Transaction ID Placeholder in the Redeem section to recover the minted tokens.

We have made the SNST Bridge ecosystem user-friendly and full-proof so that you never experience any inconvenience.

Thank you for choosing SNST Bridge.